Saturday, January 7, 2012

the U.S.A will lose.

I feel like Cassandra ... though my predictions have been on the mark time after time after time, people would rather rape me than to listen.
I feel like Berenger in Ionesco's "Rhinoceros". Everyone around me is choosing, deliberately, to think and act like a dumbphuque. Its very lonely here.
Even the peace-love flower children liberals don't get it. The issue here is not whether or not war is right or wrong. The issue is not whether or not we are doing for their good or our own good or the good of humanity. The real issue, as I see it, is whether or not the US has any chance of winning any war with Iran.

Is there any doubt that, as soon as the first shot is fired, the prices of gasoline will immediately go to $10.00 per gallon? Is memory of the occupation of Iraq fading already?
Is it not general knowledge that air craft carriers, those huge floating cities, are a relic from WW II which are totally inappropriate for today's warcraft ... that every major nation, including Iran, has missiles which can evade radar and sink one of these floating ducks? Or all of them? At what cost, both in terms of dollars and broken marriages, lost fathers, lost skilled workers, lost friends?
Do people not know that oil is fungible? When you look at a gallon of gasoline can you tell where it came from, west Texas or Angola or the Alberta oil sands or Iran? Do people not understand that the world supply of oil is critical, that if the U.S. military deliberately acts to reduce it that this will harm nations all over the planet? That many of those nations, in fact, will come to the aid of Iran and line up against the U.S?
Do people not understand that having the biggest, baddest military in the history of mankind does not protect you at all from snipers, suicide bombers, terrorist attacks, lone gunmen, crazy people, and others who, right or wrong, just hate you? The straits of Hormuz are only 30 miles wide and every day, for quiet, peaceful functioning of the world order thirteen sitting-duck oil tankers must maneuver their way through there. You can have all the destroyers, bombers, missiles, drones, fighters, tanks, rockets, cannons, grenade launchers, satellites, in the whole world and you will not be able to stop some people from sinking some of those tankers if they want to. I mean, get real about this. And if you are the one who owns those tankers, would you even risk it?
What if you had a nine-year-old daughter and she was beautiful and a thousand men in your town told you they were going to "get" her? Exactly how many bodyguards would you want to have before you send her to school? Think about it, think about it hard ...
Does no one understand China's "nuclear option" in the financial markets? Do you understand what would happen to ALL money in the USA if China were to sell all of its $1,000,000,000,000 worth of US Treasury notes, all on the same day?
Is the majority of U.S. citizens prepared for gasoline quotas? For gasoline lines? For a limit of 10 gallons per person per month, with no exceptions except for congressmen, lawyers and mafia chiefs?

What is wrong with me that I have common sense, when apparently nobody else around me does? Do I need pills or a good psychiatrist? What can I do about this terrible approach I have to reality when everybody else around me prefers total hallucinations? Any help?

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