Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Why do so many so-called Christians hold forth the sanctity of marriage?

According to the bible, God never married.  In fact, neither did Jesus or Paul.
On the other hand, characters like Abraham had a thing going with the housemaid while David had twelve wives and Solomon, supposedly the wisest man of all, had seven hundred.

So what gives here?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The latest on gas

     Inventory numbers came out just a few minutes ago, showing a build last week of 74 bcf.

     The markets took this as quite bearish.  Investors proceeded to sell off gas futures and ECA, EQT, CNX, PQ, SEP, KMP, and others.

     I'm going, like, wtf, people?

     I guess they don't teach algrebra one in schools anymore ... as long as the kids are well-mannered and they can affect a pleasant mood and the behave and follow most of the rules, they get outstanding grades and remain as stupid as ever.

     Anyway, the same trends are in place.  We are in the season of the beginning of the build.  Its strongest during the spring, before the air conditioners start to drain the grid.  If we build between 70 and 80 each week (unlikely during the hottest summer months), then by the end of October we will have added about 1.6 tcf to the underground storage for next winter.  that's about the same amount that we added during the previous build season and during the one before that.

    However, to reiterate:  where we ended the draw season last winter was at 800 bcf ... but the previous year we still had 1.6 tcf left over and the year before that we had 2.4 tcf left over.

     and to reiterate about demand .... the population continues to increase, the number of dwellings and large office buildings and malls continues to increase, the number of operating coal generating plants continues to decrease, the number of gas electrical generating plants continues to increase, and the number of industrial factories built and operated by foreign countries, fertilizer, plastics, other complex chemicals, which require in order to take advantage of cheap north american natural gas is rapidly expanding, the number of buses and trucks built to run on natural gas keeps increasing ...

     and to reiterate about supply ....Encana continues to sell off gas assets trying desperately to remake itself into an oil company, EQT plans no new expansions, the total number of rigs drilling for gas continues to hold at a ten year low, NIMBY idiots continue to block the construction of much-needed new pipelines, and the selfish pigs in Congress are promising to sell our gas to Europe to replace the russian gas because they think the USA is all powerful and awash in gas, so to speak ....

    Which all adds up to the same simple conclusion ... we are still right on track to run out, completely, around February, 2015 ....

      So don't act surprised when the grid goes down and never comes back up.  It was there all the time for you to see it coming .....if you'd only looked with your own eyes instead of letting someone else do your thinking and calculating for you .....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


so far I have refrained from saying anything about this.

The following chart is pretty well known and it says all that needs to be said on the subject.