Tuesday, October 18, 2011


just a few comments ....

First of all, anyone who knows anything about my point of view will understand ...
I gotta ask "What took you all so long to start this?"

Second, yes, comparisons will be made with what we did in the sixties.
but there are critical differences. We all had a future to look forward to
if we dropped our protesting and cooperated with the system. We were not
hungry. It was just that, according to the rules that had been made by the authorities,
some number of us,. at random, would be coming back from extended vacations,
in a box.

Certainly Ron Paul bears an uncanny resemblance to Eugene McCarthy. Yes, the press
will succeed in scuttling his candidacy. But not his issues.

Finally, one can look back at the recent Egyptian governmental change, and a little further at the events of Thermidor, to see what's likely to happen. Yes, this
movement will grow in scope. Yes, it will get violent. Yes, at first the violence will seem random and disorganized, hitting wrong targets ... but in time opposition leaders will rise and the targets will be more thoughtfully chosen. Yes, the new leaders, as the consolidate their power, will reveal dreadful evil sidelines, along the great traditions of Robespierre and Adolf ....

However there's one thing that the kids and the movement will not easily understand .... they are angry because of everything that they thought was promised to them, which they won't ever be able to get ( a secure future, a wife and children, a nice white collar job, a home in the suburbs with 2.5 bathrooms and a lot of grass that must be mowed every weekend, etc etc etc).

But, but, but ...once they succeed in overthrowing the current government (and yes, they WILL succeed, mostly because it has already self-destructed, its just that nobody has figured that out yet.)

it will begin to become evident that the problems they wanted to fix, have not been fixed ....

basically, the money and resources that they thought they were going to get, which they realize Wall Street and the ultra-rich and the older generation have all stolen from them ....

that money is gone, gone gone with the wind.

Nothing, not all the kings horses and all the kings men, can ever get it back again.

The whole world and everyone in it is still going to be poor, no matter how many new governments are put into place or how they are structured ... there is just no way around the fact that the whole planet is overpopulated and cannot (anymore) support the number of people who are here, so many of us must die, in ugly, premature ways that we do not choose for ourselves ....

and thus, if this be revolution, then the wheel is going to just pick up more and more momentum, there will be many, many turns, and perhaps all of humanity will be "broken upon the wheel ..."


there is, still, hope ... its just so marvelously far off .... we really have done it to ourselves, this time ....