Friday, August 29, 2014

Hemophelia A

     Okay, I have a question.

      It is a question about ethics, about morals, about human values.

     Hemophilia A is a complex of related human health disorders.  What these disorders have in common is a weakness or total inability for a person's blood to clot and thus to control and stop bleeding from wounds.  Scientists have isolated several different factors which can separately or together bring about this symptom.  For the most part these factors are all genetic.  Like certain other traits (baldness, for example), these traits appear primarily in the males of the species but they are primarily passed by the females  (if you are bald, you got the gene for baldness from your mother whose father gave it to her.).  For over 18,000 people in the US, an episode of bleeding  can be life-threatening.

     Baxter International is a pharmeceutical and medical device company specializing in issues involving blood such as hemophilia and dialysis.  One of their top sellers is a drug called "Advate" used to prevent bleeding episodes for hemophylliacs.  In other words, people suffering from these disorders will commonly be maintained on this drug.  They will take it all the time.  Because the condition has no known cure, they will have to take the drug for life.

     Advate treatment can cost a patient as much as $12,500 per week, $600,000 per year, though $120,000 is closer to the average.

     Obviously relatively few patients earn enough money to pay for their own treatments.  By and large, the costs for this treatment must fall back on society at large, either the large insurance companies or else the even larger governments must pay most of this cost.

      So my simple question is this:  does the society, the government if you will, which is paying these costs, have the right to demand and to enforce sterility upon the recipients of the treatment?  I will appreciate a variety of responses.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If we have rule by law, then a man who is known to have killed by gun an unarmed man, is charged with murder and goes to jail without bond until his trial date.

If we have rule of force, might, and money, then the white people need to wake up to the fact that they are vastly outnumbered in this world today, in all three.

He who lives by the gun will die by the gun.

The day of reckoning is at hand....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


from The Washington Post this morning:

dangers of sharing ‘Genie, you’re free’

August 12 at 1:09 PM
On Monday night, as fans around the world began to grieve Robin Williams’s death, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — best known, in many circles, as the people behind the Oscars — sent out what may be the iconic social media image of Williams’s death.
More than 270,000 people have shared the tweet, which means that, per the analytics site Topsy, as many as 69 million people have seen it.
The problem? It violates well-established public health standards for how we talk about suicide.

Evidently the slave owners do not like this kind of talk.
Its expensive to obtain slaves and even more expensive to train them and to keep them in line.
Good slaves, especially good rich slaves like dear Robin, are not supposed to die like this.  don't you all know this?  They are supposed to be checked in to a nursing home and slowly bled by leaches until broke, for however long that takes ....

I do hope and pray you all are paying attention! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


     Two boxes of plastic kitchen tall wastebasket trash bags on the shelf, side by side, for sale at my hardware store this morning.  Same exact size of bag, same quantity, both unscented (praise the Lord!  but that's a different issue.)

     Identical except for one thing ... one of the boxes has all the descriptions and advertising written in english, the other is Spanish.

    Oh yes, and the prices are different, the English box costs $13.99, the Spanish box costs $7.99 ....