Monday, September 16, 2013

cut more firewood.

The carbon credit trade advocates on Wall Street
have been masquerading as advocates of environmental consciousness
for the last decade.
Under the banner of Al Gore (among others), who has made a small fortune
with his propaganda campaign,
they have attempted to terrorize all of us with
horror stories about rising oceans and super storms.
Lately, their campaign has hit a few "speed bumps".
Some "inconvenient truths", if you will.

The minimum ice extent in the arctic this summer,
though still below the last thirty years' median,
was a million square miles larger than the previous summer.
Didn't they tell us it would be gone completely by now?

Meanwhile, the maximum antarctic ice extent hit a new record
since the beginning of satellite surveillance over 50 years ago.

The weather forecasters, disappointed by the lack of appearance
of ANY significant hurricane, have been giving names to
every little squall that has blown up.

Painstaking observations show that in the last 120 years,
the average rise in the sea level has been just over seven inches.
Its a bit hard to terrorize people about that after having promised a thirty-foot rise....

Climatologists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
have recently been forced to revise their statistical observation of
median observed worldwide temperature change to half of what they had previously offered,
throwing in extreme doubt their dire warnings about the future.

And probably the most troubling observation
to those people in such a hurry to damn fossil fuels is that
the sun has apparently chosen,
for reasons which are quite beyond contemporary scientists to even guess at,
and clearly beyond the slightest influence of man's puny civilization,
to lapse into a period of reduced radiation and sunspot quiet.
No one knows how long it will last, so far its been only 6 years
but there was a period in history (1645-1715)
which is referred to as "The Maunder Minimum"
which is also referred to as "The Little Ice Age"

disclaimer -- I own coal.  As a consequence of my research.