Tuesday, January 3, 2012


you can click on the above image for an enlarged view.

I created the image above today, Jan 3, 2012, using Google Earth.
It is a view of the western side of Singapore Harbor.
The virtual altitude is approximately 10 miles.
All of the little grey and the red streaks are freighters.
Almost all of them are oil tankers.
If you zoom in much closer you can see that they are parked, they are not moving,
they have no wake.

I did this for the first time three years ago.
I did not save the image, I am sorry.
My memory tells me that the situation then was highly similar to what it is today.

You all can speculate among yourselves as to what those tankers are doing there,
or who owns them,
or even as to whether they are empty or full of oil.

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