Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Queen Nephretitty

okay, I remember now ...

We were talking about titties and I said that there was some word that had titties in it but I couldn't remember what it was. If I could come up with the word, maybe we could get the domain site or something where we could put our art work up for sale.

But you missed this part. A friend of mine came over several days ago, and she got really plastered. Really. From her neck down to her, um, yes. That far. We were just making a prototype (or is that prototitty?). You all need to stay tuned, to see what we all come up with, Bari and Star and Sandy are all just sparkling with ideas for this project.....

Anyway, I don't see my wordsmithing as being a main pillar of my indentitty,
but I will contribute this anyway in honor of my father who would never ever read this and his father, who wrote a newspaper column back in the day but he's been dead now for a very long time.

So it took me a few minutes to recover. My mind must have been preoccupied. But I finally came back with the information that there really is a large quantitty of words with titties in them. Proper words. Even, ahem, some rather uptight words. Like, for example, chastitty. Or even (in deferernce to my pastor) sanctitty.

And that pretty much rounded out the conversation.

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