Saturday, January 14, 2012

Internet Censorship

We have all heard about the government of China censoring the Internet. The first time I ran across anything in my own experience was when I posted something on the Yahoo finance message base about the seventh planet of our solar system, which yahoo dutifully rendered as "Ur$#@&".
Well, the first time it was funny. but within another year, my friends and I found the censorship so dire that it was necessary for us to move our conversation to a private venu. Yahoo took to blocking links to certain other sites which might conceivably be competitors of theirs. and this phenomenon increased and increased, til we found them regularly blocking mere financial/political opinions which did not fully swing with theirs.
On my personal machine at home I have found that for many years it has been a pitched battle for ownership and control of my machine -- the disk space and the CPU processor. The advertisers and commercial interests encroach further and further. At best, it takes longer and longer time for internet pages to load the content which I am looking for, after ads and scripts and tracking software and cookies and who knows what all else comes down the line. I have to take more and more time clearing out the junk they send my way, unbidden and unpaid for.
My internet provider sees fit to put several layers of click baiting in between me and my email ... even though this is my address and the only way many folks know to reach me I may have to change it soon because the junk pile is getting so high.
In rewards for all this new stuff they send me, they raise their rates every year by 10% or more.
Now we have this:

The commercial interests do not seem to understand that every new invasion is just one more straw, or maybe a better analogy is, one more globule of cholesterol. There will come a time, without warning, when it will be too much. I gave up tv 30 years ago and somehow I don't seem to have lost a thing. More and more folks are joining me on that one these days. In its inception, the Internet was the arena of smart, gifted people who just wanted to show off and give away their expertise. There were mathematicians, scholars, geniuses. It was truly the most democratic device ever devised. I suppose that's why, eventually, they have to kill it. Along with that golden goose ....

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