Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well you do have to give Obama credit for at least one thing.

Every US president since Johnson has promised the people to do something about our dependence on foreign, imported crude oi. Few americans may realize that our largest supplier is Canada, but they do understand that crude oil is the #1 ingredient for our economy and there's nothing quite so good as having your own.

Well, but during every presidency since Johnson, the amount of crude oil that has been imported into the US has only increased ... until now.

Yes, its true.... by persuading over 12 million formerly-working people that they no longer need to work, or look for work, or even consider themselves to be unemployed,
those people have stopped driving around quite so much...

According to the figures of the weekly petroleum status report from the Energy Information Administration, crude oil imports have declined by almost 8% this year alone. They have declined by 20% since the years of the Bush Administration. This is a larger decline than anyone thought possible.

Who knows, maybe, if everyone stops working, we can cease to need to import any oil at all! What a concept!

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