Monday, December 26, 2011


God spoke out to me recently in a more forceful fashion than He has for many years ... I have regretted the distance between us and ascribed it to 1) my sins 2) His insistence that I use more of what He has already given me 3) He want me more deeply grounded in this physical world with the other people in it and less with Him 4)
the end of my idiosyncratic psychotropic drug withdrawal creating hyperawareness.

He brought the number "zero" to my attention.

I guess one thing He was trying to say to me was just that He is very much still there in my life ... He has been telling me that my life is a reduced, slimmed-down, steamlined, simpler, more relaxed version of what I was living before. But that does NOT mean that my tasks are done, as I have been contemplating.
I'm still here.

You will have to bear with my understanding of His language to me ...
very private and personal, always found in events which are surprising to me, sometimes literal scientific miracles other times just very remarkable ... but furthermore they are all laced with a "halo" that I cannot describe to another person which further identify them as "sendings" or "communications" ... He is the living God ...

(I am not going to get into a debate here over elements that other people may ascribe to hallucinations, illusions, delusions, or just loosing it ... I'm happy for them to think what they will.)
I started to play a computer game. Which I do a lot. The game hesitated a lot in starting up. when it did start, it immediately returned a score of zero to me without giving me a chance to make one move. That doesn't happen, it just doesn't.

He's just asking me to meditate on the subject of zero ... it is round ,
it is the most important of all numbers, as a placeholder it enables addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, if you don't understand what I mean then just try, for a minute, to add or multiply a few roman numeral numbers.
The earth is round. Most everything in nature goes in cycles, up, down,
around and around, night and day, summer and winter, birth and death. I just finished reading Joseph Felser's "The Myth of the Great Ending", full of philosophy, paranormal discussions, dreamwork, out of body experiences, rebirth experiences, other stuff that I'm somewhat familiar with already. Felser has a nice website to promote the book and on the website he says "everything is round" and has a picture of the earth. His premise is that we are not coming to a great ending.

I am coming to similar understandings ... these days I find myself to be less and less perturbed about the cliff that we are all headed towards ... I see it as a pretty cataclysmic change for mankind, maybe on the same scale as Noah's flood or the burning of Lot's home town ... but not, not, not anything like John's dream in revelations ....

I don't expect to hang around for this, but I see a great cleansing coming at us, a washing away of a great many strong beliefs and activities which are sinful
and have made this result inevitable. Because human beings don't like being forced to change, and maybe also because quite a few folk are going to die "unexpectedly" as the population reverts to something more reasonable for this poor old planet, there will be some hardship and hard feelings and misunderstandings about it,
which will make no more difference than a grain of sand in the Taklimaken Desert.

Beyond it I see a great, peaceful pastoral time/place ... life will be simpler and easier and a lot less "stressful" for a long time to come ... for all the strife near-term, this is not to be feared ....I'm even having a few delightful moments of "jumping in the puddles" like a three-year-old boy, instead of fretting about the cold and wet and the mud on their new shoes like someone believing themselves "more mature"....

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