Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Strike

This is a very simple concept.

Even a politician, or even a super-wealthy man, can grasp it, if he tries.

Virtually all of the common people, the laborers, workers, blue collar or no collar folks,
they are all on strike.

They have had it with their wages being forcefully and deceitfully taken from them.
Most of them do not understand how it was done, but they do understand that it was done.

There is no organization, no union, no union bosses. We have workers anonymous.
Some of them collect unemployment, food stamps, section 8.
Some of them camp out down by the river or sleep in their cars in urban parking garages. Some of them live with their parents, their friends, or in houses destined for foreclosure.
Some of them call in sick, then apply for disability.
Some of the better-educated go to work but they spend all day writing long reports about all the work they have done or are going to do, instead of working.
Some of them do odd jobs for cash, no taxes, no banks, no plastic.

They are going to stay on strike until the bankers and the politicians relent,
even if it takes demolishing the entire system.

Which it will.

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