Wednesday, November 21, 2012


     The rules that people live by must be fitted to the environment and situation in which they find themselves.  The main trouble with religions and religious leaders, not to mention governments and societies and laws, is that the rules that they are perpetrating upon their peoples are always behind the times, sometimes seriously behind.  Always adapted for yesterday's problems, never today's.
     Jesus did his best to overthrow all the rules and regulations and petty mores and manners which had grown up among his people and were so sanctified and holified by the levites and pharisees of his day.  Hde wished for all of us to pay attention to God's world, His reality, not our own make-believe constructs.  But tragically, Paul came along and gave the people a whole new set of rules and regulations which they dutifully went about setting into stone and shackling and burdoning themselves once more .... Paul, who hated women and did not care too much more for men, who never laughed a day in his life.

     In this day and time, the very most heinous sin which any man and woman can commit, is to bring a child, a new life, into this world.  It should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention to this world now, and what God is saying now, why this is so.  It makes no difference whatever whether the government involved has "sanctified" the union between the man and the woman, it makes zero difference if they ever see each other again.  the sin is in adding to the overpopulation, the Malthusian crisis which we have brought about with our holier-than-thou belief that reproduction is a human "right" and that we must save the children no matter what, all of them.  the bottom line is that every time a new baby is born, the whole system groans and squeezes to make room for one more mouth to feed, when too many are already going hungry.  The whole system cranks and creaks on the energy sector to produce more fossil fuels to use for fertilizer, plowing, harrowing, seeding, insecticides, weeding, harvesting, packaging, and bringing to the market.

     If people do not willingly stop making babies, then there will be bloodshed.  A lot.  That's God';s way of doing things.  You'd think we would have learned that by now.

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