Monday, November 12, 2012

Female circumcision

     This is on my mind this morning for some reason.  I've had these formulations in my head for many years but never passed them along to anyone.  Not sure why I'm thinking about sex so much at the moment, but heck, why not?

     I'm writing in rebuttal to all the horror stories on you tube and in other media.  The western white-perpetrated propaganda protrays this procedure as being close to butchery, extremely dangerous and with the sole purpose of preventing pleasure for the women.  Usually there are images of rusty knives, screaming young girls, and old veiled women who must be frustrated spinsters overcompensating for their own lack of sensuality.  There's always horror-movie music playing in the background as well, like for Psycho or Jaws or something.

     Well, I have (ahem) had up close and personal knowledge of more than one set of female genitalia which had been altered in this fashion.  I am just here to report to you that in my experience, the lowliest Ethiopian woman is vastly more beautiful, hotter, sexier, more playful, more seductive, wetter, and just all-around so much  sexier than the most polished white woman  that I have ever encountered.  I have asked them about the operation and none of them felt like it had been a big deal.  But having their clitoris exposed, not hooded, opens up all kinds of new sensuality for them.  Quite the contrary from the media portrayal, if anything the operation makes them even more desirable, not less.  As always the chief component is attitude, not physical equipment.   In that department, they know how to have fun.  Admit it.  Americans are typically miserable.
Always "going through".  Always "stressed".  Always complaining about the way other people treat them or the things they don't have.

     As a final comment, I'd just like to recommend to anyone who might be troubled by the horror stories mentioned above, see if you can pigeon hole an old Ethiopian man sometime and ask him what he thinks about American men having to using Viagra.  Chances are, the laughter will last him for days .....

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