Friday, November 30, 2012


     Yesterday a good friend of mine reported something to me about an acquaintance of his.  He was fairly outraged about it but I was neither very surprised nor upset.  It seemed that this young lady recently turned eighteen and, after taking one very cursory look at the job market, went to see her doctor.  From him she procured a letter explaining "to whom it may concern" that she suffers from repeating episodes of severe menstrual cramps.  Taking the letter with her, she proceeded to visit the social security office where she filed a request for designation as a disabled person, and she was granted support payments for life.

     I do not know her name and I have no way of verifying the report for myself.  However, it is so consistent with the de facto goals of our present society, that I find it eminently believable.  First of all, this removes the woman from ever being counted among the "unemployed" so they succeed in reducing that statistic.  Second, it puts money in her hand which will be spent, increasing the gross national product and creating jobs.  Third, the source of the funds has to be a net increase in the annual federal deficit and added on to the federal debt, which, in turn, is increasingly "monetized" by the federal reserve.  In other words, the payments to her will not ever increase anyone's taxes, instead, the money simply will be printed and then spent.  Finally, since the woman can't, by law, work, and won't have enough money to pay rent on any place for herself to live, she will have to live with other people, and since she has so much time on her hands it can be pretty well predicted that she will spend a good portion of that time doing sex and drugs, which will undoubtedly make more babies to feed and more hospital and perhaps prison requirements, which will make for even more jobs and stimulus for the economy.

     Folks, don't fool yourselves.  No one can make an honest living in this country anymore.  The government wants everyone, from Jon Corzine on down, to work a scam, if he wants to survive and prosper.  The very  best ones are legal.

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