Wednesday, July 18, 2012

something is up.

If you have not yet caught on to all the debate about "chemtrails", now might not be too late to get up to speed. Google it. Then spend some time on You Tube looking at peoples' videos. As for me, I do not have a concrete opinion about them, I can not verify that they are "different" than contrails, I cannot verify that there are black or silver threads descending upon us or that there is an uncommon amount of alumina in the air or falling into our topsoil. I just do not know.

Further, it would not surprise me at all to learn that our government and "the powers that be" decided that they are so smart that they can tinker successfully with the weather and the climate. This is the primary hypothesis of explanation for the "pro-chemtrail" side of the debate, although there are other explanations, some of them far more nefarious.

However, I do know one thing for sure. God pointed this out to me recently and so far I have not heard of anyone else noticing.

They stopped.

Some time about two or three months ago, the contrails or chemtrails or whatever they are, stopped. Maybe the one that I flew through when returning from Memphis this past spring, was one of the last ones. For weeks now I have been looking, looking, looking up at the sky and not seeing any. Not on clear days or partly cloudy days or any other kind of weather. None.

Not only that, but even more unbelievably, the stinking helicopters seem to have ceased also. Never mind that I live close to the river where some stupid yahoo gets himself drowned at least once a day and all the rescue operations love flying. Never mind that I am within bicycling range of Camp David, perhaps the very center of governmental flying bathtub syndrome. I have not seen any, not one, in this space of time.

For once my rioting imagination is completely stumped. I cannot come up with one scenario which can explain this sudden, unannounced, unnoticed, change in the habits of TPTB. I am totally baffled. (it does not, however, surprise me at all that no one else has noticed or said anything..... common people are so very slow, especially in this society, where too much money and arrogance have made everybody stupid, egocentric and blind ...) The terrible drought which began unfolding across the midsection of our continent might theoretically have something to do with it. Were they trying to reduce global warming or the greenhouse effect and their plans began to backfire and they realized they had better stop? Or, were they trying to make things worse for everybody and create food and water shortages which will, not too far down the road, bring about a massive population reduction, and they realized that they have been totally successful and they can stop now? I don't have the faintest miasma of an idea. If anybody has any theories, concrete or fantastical, I would sure appreciate some comments on this one ....

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