Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I just finished reading a book about black whalemen. There were quite a few. It was a low paying, hard work, dangerous job but it offered a glimmer of hope, and freedom, and so they took it. The industry made important inroads to ending slavery, to the underground railroad, and to the beginnings of equality.

Now I am reading "A voyage for madmen" about a race held for solo pilots to navigate a sailboat "around the world", in 1968. A reminder of how short people tend especially to fight and scrap, against the pharisees (I bet Jesus was short), against the european kings (Napolean), against the sea. Its an enthralling tale.

The world markets, which have been ugly for some time now, just got uglier, after hours. The latest pets, Apple and Netflix, disappointed and they are selling hard in after hours. Tomorrow will be the worst day on the markets in quite some time.

I have lost quite a bit of money the last few years by selling short while the Federal Reserve prints and spends (and buys emini futures??????) But I've always known it will end badly for them when it ends. Do I need to say that I am still short?

I have struggled and fought against authority all my life.

Here I am now fighting all authority of all mankind.

And tonight, there's just a glimmer of a ray of hope.

I just may win this fight .....

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latent sanity said...

a brief explanation:

All people of authority ( whether educational, religious, political, legal, managerial, or whatever) present to everyone else that the things they are doing and saying, they are doing and saying for the people under them. This is always a lie. They do it all for themselves. In some situations its may be harder to see than in others, but it should be basic common sense that this is so.