Monday, July 9, 2012

aspirin reduces colon cancer

I ran across this astounding statement in a book that I am reading currently, written by an M.D.

At least, I found it astounding ... because I have been treated for a simple colon cancer, which the doctors and medical establishment found all sorts of ways to run up the total bill to my insurance company to something north of $50,000. After it was over, they hounded me for a good long time to come back and do colonoscopies, even though I had recognized what I had before any (of the very, very expensive and invasive) diagnostic tests had been performed, and despite the fact that up to 5% of colonoscopies result in damage to the patient's insides, while many many more result in the treatment (and risks, and expenses, and time lost) of a harmless, slow-growing form of carcinoma. Did any of the hundreds of health professionals that I dealt with in the process ever mention anything about this? Do you even need to ask?

I found corroboration here:



I'm really not surprised, its just one more example of how the US medical system jacks up prices while reducing overall health.

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