Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have had this joke in my head for the longest time. But, I have never told it to anyone. I have not even written it down. Finally, this morning, I realized the reason. Its because the joke is on me.

In my life, I have dabbled in many, many different activities. And in quite a lot of them, I have touched greatness, only to back off. The list includes intelligence-test-taker, comic actor, artist, cyclist, world-class navigator and traveler, computer programmer/researcher/developer, contract bridge competitor, investment/stock trading. But that is certainly not an exhaustive list.

In the process, I have touched many vocations for the mundane requirement of putting bread on the table. They run the gamut from construction, short order cook, taxi driver, mover, designer, chart-maker, furniture builder, landlord. However there is one vocation which I have never, never attempted, not even considered. And what is that? Well, its the job, the life of a farmer.

Well, why not? You had to ask.

The answer is very simple, really. In my heart of hearts, I never wanted to be out standing in my field.

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