Friday, June 1, 2012


Dear Mom, Honestly there are so many "issues" to self maintenance, I don't understand how anybody can hold a job, too. I got new tires for my truck and had a nice long chat with Almaz about car maintenance. I have been struggling with the hazard insurance industry, they have been insisting on insuring my home for three times what it is worth and then giving me a hard time about its blemishes. I have also been struggling with trying to refinance this property. Although rates are at a historic low, they are demanding huge amounts of paperwork and some of the documents they are demanding do not exist and they seem to have not liked my suggesting that if they need them they can just produce them fraudulently .... I find myself pulling back into myself, wanting to spend more time alone, just working on my house and my art and not dealing with these crazy people at all. But life goes on, and life will go on .... the birds flirt and play in my back yard, the feral cats in the neighborhood have kittens. Even though we are facing one of the worst cataclysms in man's history, some people will survive. I keep the image of Sitaka in my mind these days, she owned nothing but two sets of raggedy clothes, she worked from sun up to sun down 6 days a week \for room and board and $20 a month and she was the happiest person on earth, always singing, playing, smiling, laughing .... never working hard at anything, going from task to task to task, lightly .... after all of this is over and the survivors begin to realize that money was not quite so important as we thought, and trust maybe a little more important than we realized, the sun will shine again and there will be hope. Its just a big circle .... you know that .... love, John

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