Thursday, November 20, 2014

Maybe I am just crazy

Maybe I am addled in the brain.
Or a genius.  We will see.

I think that the black swan that all of us have been waiting around for,
is here.  All around us, in fact, everywhere.

We just none of us see it.  Not yet.

The central banks have been so confident
of their abilities to kindle inflation,
and all of the rich who are relying upon them,
that they have omitted one critical detail.

It is not enough to print a huge amount of money, to encourage inflation.
You have to give it to the people.
If the ultra rich hoard all of it, as they have been doing,
then there is no stimulus to demand
because those people who would spend the money
have less and less and less of it to spend.

I think we are now facing collapse, total collapse,
from deflation, and credit defaults,
and it could happen very, very quickly
once more people begin to realize what I am saying ....
and they will not be able to bring themselves to bail out the common man,
because they are too fixated upon screwing him ....


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