Tuesday, August 27, 2013

well, heck

why not?

Most everyone knows its going down now.

Bloomberg, this morning, is carrying no news at all.  Instead, their pages are plastered with feel-good editorials about growth and recovery, such blatant lies that not even the writers themselves are fooled anymore.

So, heck, why not start a new war?

Lets pick a country where there are already warring factions but both sides hate us.
Lets pick a country which has an ancient reputation as a world-wrecker.
Let us pick a country which has no wealth or natural resurces.
Let us pick a country which offers us no stategic or military significance whatever, but which does provide vital military security to Russia and to China and to Iran, countries which we very very much need to provoke and to incite to make war against us. 

Let us give aid to a group of rebels with strong ties to Al Qaida.

Let us see if we can reduce the world population by just a bit, before the coming debacle in the food production centers of the world as natural gas fertilizer and oil transportatrion become more scarce.

Let us see if we can increase the US feceral deficit.

Let us see if, by increasing our deficit spending, by increasing the rate of new debt accumulation, we can thereby bring about even more printing of money by the Federal Reserve, hastening the total demise of our currency.  All the while, threatening the world supply of crude oil at the same time.

Its all doomed anyway, lets see what we can do to bring it down faster.

heck, why not?  brilliant move, I say ....

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