Wednesday, August 21, 2013


it gets interesting.

The crash is upon us.
First to collapse are all the countries of the far east,
separately and together.
Japan, struggling with an aging populace
all wanting benefits when so few are still working,
and meanwhile Fukushima is pouring radioactivity into the Pacific
and they can't afford to clean it up.
China, which has been fudging and lying even more than the US about its economy
India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand,
all having been surviving and prospering on exports but now nobody is buying.
What money they still have is all coming here
and keeping the US from total collapse -- yet --

Next, Europe will fall
as the German people finally reach their limit
in trying to "buy" the entire continent
by supporting failing economies of Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, etc
and even France and the UK have been leaching off of them.

Meanwhile the entire Middle East goes up in flames
as the failed policies of the would-be colonialists in Washington become more apparent.
We have tried to bully the entire region but its just not working anymore,
now that death is more desirable than servitude to us ....

For awhile the capital will still flow to New York
and still sustain us
but as the stock market falls
and faith and trust in our government completely collapses,
our cohesion will also fail
and it will become each man for himself ...

our population has been carefully taught to be so frustrated, angry, mistrusting, vengeful
and it is armed to the teeth with guns, pistols, knives, ammunition, assault rifles,
body armour, and so forth ....
killing will be random and ubiquitous ....

God has a plan.God still loves us,
still loves His creation and everything in it.
He just has quite a bit of housekeeping to do.
The darkest hour will be just before the dawn ....

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