Sunday, February 3, 2013


     I was out cutting and stackiing the day's supply of firewood, when I first heard them coming.
     I was pretty sure of the direction to look, the sound was not fooling me with echoes off the buildings or hills.  I looked up in the grey, snow-laden clouds and I looked and looked for a long time.  The barking, calling, crying for each other' assurances to stay in line increased in volume.
     Finally I saw them, high, so high, higher than a vulture would ever dream of flying, mucch higher than  the infernal helicopters constantly encroaching upon my security and freedom.
     They were snow geese, in a single near-perfect formation, well over a hundred of them.

     These were not the locals, in pairs or groups of seven out for morning rituals. They were not even the Canadian Geese from Toronto, migrating to the mangrove swamps of the Chesapeake.

    No, these were the long distance fliers, the serious travelers, the committed, the ones from Calgary, from Fort McMurray, from Lake Athabaasca.

   flying ....SOUTH?  towards Port-au-Prince, or Corozal Town .... on groundhog day?

um, do they know something that I don't ???????????

     (you must know that I perch my nest not only overlooking the main east west rail line of the country, but also under the main migratory path of miscellaneous different aviarians, particularly the geese ......)

     Aimlessly I wonder what the global warming scientists make of it ..... maybe they just don't pay attention because it does not fit with their preconceived notions of how things need to be for their self-aggrandizement ....

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