Tuesday, January 1, 2013


     Seldom ever addressed, one of the crises, the crying unmet needs of our society, are opportunities for socializing.  No longer may kids go out and play" on the street, and teenagers will be routinely harassed by authorities any time and place they get together.  If adults do it, its called "loitering."  There are a few places left where people can still go, like bars or churches, during restricted hours, but there is a strong expectation for money to change hands for the opportunity.  Why should people always be required to spend money in order to meet, congregate, converse, and relax together?  Obviously not everybody can afford to do so.  The problem is the most acute for people who don't have families.  This has to be a contributing factor towards all the craziness today ... what is called "normal" in our culture and society is something bordering on total escapism and autism, like adapting to a permanent cocoon ....

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