Monday, December 17, 2012


     I just got done with thiis trash novel, something Oprah recommended so, well, lets not go there.

     anyway, this "psychological thriller" makes the point, several times, and with, um, emphasis, that a person, any person, is not the same as who he was a minute ago, before such-and-such traumatic event occurred.

     I was just thinking, again, about the mental health industry in the US, psychiatry and counselors and all those poisonous substances that they call medicines, and all the hypocrisy.  What a stupendous dismal failure they have perpetrated upon us ... not to mention how expensive it has been.  Sandy Hook.  sigh ....

     anyway, its really a very simple formula.  Any person, crazy or not, or whatever, you can add to his experiences, his wisdom, his understanding.  Its just that no one can take away from him, not anything, not any of his experiences and memories, not really.  What can be done is to add to them.  Even, at least in my experience, that's all that God does for people either.  There's no real such thing as rebirth, a clean slate, starting over.  You can always add but you can never subtract......

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