Friday, December 14, 2012


     You know what?

     I just looked at about a dozen stock charts, one or two year, picked almost at random.  Soncor Oil.  SLV silver bullion fund.  ECA Encana.  IBM.  Weyerhauser paper, for goodness sake.  JPM, we all know who they are, right?
    ... and you know what?  Every single one is exhibiting very similar behavior.... long, strong bullish trends, punctuated with "cliffs", in other words horrendous, breath-taking drops, the kind where for nearly everyone, your throat becomes indecently acquainted with the pit of your stomach.
     How the heck can anyone make money in this market or even stay in it "for the long run"?  Unless, of course, you happen to be situated somewhere along the news flow just ahead of the rest of the markets, enough ahead so that you can take a small, levered short position just before the headline comes out, whatever it might be.....

     I'm just asking .... anyone got any ideas?

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