Monday, October 22, 2012


     I take a bemused attitude these days about all the johnny-come-latelies.  Here something that I have been doing quietly for decades is gradually coming to the fore, its actually almost the "in" thing to do.  Wow.

     Just a couple of words for you.  All you who have guns ... have simply never understood the first thing about human nature.  Granted, its gonna be a bit squirrly when things first fall apart.  But a gun only does one thing, really .... it acts as a magnet for a bigger gun.  He who lives by the gun will die by the gun.  Not my choice.

     Noodles and rice.  Lts and lots.  Gonna be a fair number of folk who die of scurvy.  Ugly way to go, mates.  Worse than the gun, even.

      Fishing down by the river.  Sure.  Read up on cholera, while the internet still works.  By the way, you better have a permanent source of water.  Not the river.

     I was out today adding to my supplies.  I know some of you are damn well stocked.  But I'm sure there aren't too many of you who've got tampons.

   This is gonna be so much fuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.............

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