Saturday, March 31, 2012

religion and politics

The folk that I make music with
are all up in arms about gay marriage,
trying to get a referendum on the Maryland ballot
and insisting that the Bible is very clear about this sin.
(Last time I checked, there's nothing in the ten commandments or the gospels about it,
but they still find room to debate about "Thou shalt not kill".....)

I've managed to somewhat besmirch myself in their eyes by saying,
basically, that while its nasty there's a whole lot worse problems
that they ought to be paying attention to right now.

Its going to be more than amusing to watch them squirm
if Obama comes out in favor of gay marriage ...
the gay community and the republicans have him i a corner.

It does not matter, Romney will win the election.
The republicans in Congress, those who can still do arithmetic,
set a trap for Obama and he fell for it hook, line and sinker.
they went ahead and quietly passed his latest payroll tax cut.
The net result is that the new debt ceiling is now going to be breached
a month to six weeks before the november election.

Obama will be forced to cut short his campaigning to return to Washington
to deal with the fight
and they will make him, look bad, bad, bad.

me I don't care, its all charades anyway,
but its pretty amusing ....

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