Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The American Medical Community

As you probably are aware,
I have become highly suspicious of the U.S. medical system,
as its core philosophy has changed from healing to making money.
One of their activities, in my observation,
has been the invention and generation of "maintenance diseases",
so-called maladies which are never cured but which require
regular visits to the doctor and regular medications.
One of the activities of the powers that be, carried out
both through the mass media channels and the education channels,
is an intense campaign to frustrate and make impotent the citizenry.
They are highly, highly successful, but only a visit to a radically different
culture can reveal the extent of their success.
A fish is totally unaware of water, not until he gets out of it does he have any clue.
One of the results of this campaign is that common people are driven to
spend more and more money to relieve their angst. (which does not work!)
Another is the appearance of all sorts of outward physical manifestations.
Still another is the random outbreaks of insane violence.
If the angst were cured, I am convinced that all sorts of these
"maintenance diseases" would disappear with it,
I am including allegies, which I believe to be total fabrication,
but also asthma, most diabetes, and a host of others.
I may be wrong but it has certainly been 100% successful for me.
Happiness cures all kinds of things and its free.
Prednisone is a very dangerous medication.
It is addicting and the withdrawal symptoms are extremely difficult.
Please be cautious of it.

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