Thursday, July 17, 2014


     There's a long article on Zero Hedge this morning about the extreme, prolonged drought occuring in the southwestern US, primarily in California.  Then, there's pages and pages of comments.  A lot of folk who sincerely believe that the problem is simply too many grass lawns being watered, too many cars being washed, or even too many showers being taken alone. 

     I guess that agriculture has become so automated, mechanized and dominated with huge organizations that responsible, so-called educated people don`t understand it anymore.  Particularly, americans don`t seem to realize how much farmland is irrigated and how much water is being used.  The results of this drought are going to be major.  The effects will be seen istrong price increases and in shortages of all sorts of vegetables, fruits, and meats.

     But that isn`t what I want to say.  I am really, really disappointed that no one seems to want to point out anymore the most basic, obvious truth to the situation.  What has changed from 100 years ago?  Well, we have built the huge dams on the Colorado and other tributaries, and huge piping systems to pump that water to lands where it can be used, so a whole lot more food is being grown.  but what else?  Has anyone noticed that the number of human beings living out there has increased by more than ten-fold?  Is anyone considering the logarithmic increase of the number of human beings on this planet?  Worldwide, our population has increased by over 150% since I was born!  

One out of fifteen people who have ever lived, in the million or two million years since mankind evolved on this planet, is still alive today!!!

 There are too many fucking people on this planet!

And nobody dares even to say so anymore.  Not one commenter on the thread even hinted at this.  It will be a far greater crisis coming upon us than even the most extreme fabrications that the global warming advocates of political change have proposed.

If, for example, there were to come to pass a sudden end of the natural gas used to manufacture nitrogen fertilizer on this planet, within six months most human beings would turn to cannibalism and half the population would be gone already ....

And nobody dares even to say so anymore.


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latent sanity said...

Well, heck. People don't wanna do anything about it? Don't even want to talk about it? Fine. God will take care of it. Ebola. Dengue. Gaza. Toledo. Ukraine. ISIS. and its just starting ....