Saturday, January 11, 2014

God Created Satan

well?  If not He, then whom?  Is God all-powerful, almighty, omniscient, able to do anything? Is He not the Creator of ALL?

Pastor made this crucial, critical point last night.  He said it in ways quite differently than I would but that's just a cultural distinction.  The message is paramount, and it sure seems to me like a whole lot of US citizens, particularly leaders and spokespeople, are missing it these days.

He was reading from near the end of Luke and presented the passage 22:31   "Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat."  He emphasized the verb "asked".  He stressed that Satan cannot do any smallest thing without god's full permission.  He referenced the book of Job, wherein the whole premise is that Satan has gone to God and challenged Him and God grants him permission to attempt to torment and sway Job's heart.

For what it may be worth, I would challenge the anthropomorphism of the character of Satan and simply state that above all other gifts, the very most sweetest that God gives us is our personal sovereignty,  our freedom and independence to choose.  Who among us would joyfully bow down to God and sing His praises to eternity if it were servitude, slavery, without recourse?  Every one of us needs to know that sin is a possibility.

The recent policies of the US Government reveal a total insanity based on the failure to grasp this simple fact of life.  The government, the leaders, the media, all want to suggest that Satan can be defeated by the government.  It wages a "war on poverty", a "war on drugs", a "war on terrorism' (I'll save this one for another thread, the majority of people worldwide recognize that the US government itself is the premiere terror organization of all time, and we can go on an on and on about denial and projection, blaming other nations for our own faults,  about paranoia, manipulation, waste, fraud, and abuse.) and most recently, a war on climate, which ought to be so hilariously funny that people would pay their taxes gladly just for the entertainment of it all but somehow some folks just miss that ....

Wanna guess who is gonna win, when our govenrment makes war with God and condemns His creation?  Anyone wanna make book here, give me odds?

I was glad to hear it from Pastor.....very glad, for these are dark times ....

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