Monday, July 22, 2013

big brother

     Of course, the primary reason why I have not been blogging lately is the revelation about all of NSA's spying, as our country abandons the core values which it once held dear and plummets towards a police state, a dictatorship, a one party system, controlled by the handful of men who own over half the world's total wealth and treat everyone else like debt slaves.

     Snowden did us all a tremendous favor with his heroic personal sacrifice.   Most americans understand that, even if many are too afraid to say so.  But the net result is quite evident in this quarter's financial reports from corporate america.  Microsoft stock fell through the floor, Intel, Blackberry, Apple, IBM, Yahoo, they are all falling as their revenues decline, as their number of clients declines ....

     Citizens are going back to talking with one another.  Face to face.  So far, talk is still free.  So far, there are a lot of places in the country where people can talk to one another without fear of being surreptitiouusly bugged, recorded and spied upon.  Its pretty funny to see the electronic communications media slowly hemorrhaging like this, I couldn't think of anything they more justly deserve for their pandering.

     I wish I thought it would stay that way.  I do have the satisfaction of understanding language well enough to know that the oppressed will always have more creativity and versatility than the oppressors.  The word will get around, no matter what they try to do.  In the end they ALWAYS lose, but they are too arrogant, conceited and stupid to learn history.....

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