Friday, May 4, 2012


I am not an economist. In fact, I am not even a college graduate. I do not sport any BA or BS after my name, no more-of-the-same, no piled-higher-and deeper. My epigram never appears in the mainstream media, no one ever calls me up to get an "expert opinion" on anything. And there's apparently only a handful of folks who read my blog, although I do get a thumb or two from other sources. So, no one needs to take this comment to the jobs number this morning and in recent memory, as having any weight or any likelihood of changing the political landscape or anyone's personal behavior. I just wanna say what I wanna say. The only number that counts, in today's job report from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, is this one: 88 million. This is a record high for this number. You can find a chart of its progress, since 1975, at this website: This is the number of able-bodied adult US residents who did not have a salaried income last month. That's a lotta folks, seems to me. An awful lot.

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