Thursday, May 19, 2011


(The title of this post is written in "Fidel" script, an alphabet in use
throughout the horn of Africa, in the language of Amharic. the word is
pronounced "kel'-al" and translates to "easy".)

I just have one question for you all.
When did "easy" start having anything to do with "good"?

Just think back, to that one incident in your life, when you were ecstatic, jump-for-joy, hug-a-stranger happy.

Now think, for a minute, about what had happened to make you that way. What had you just done?

Did you like feeling that way? Did you enjoy it? Did the people around you enjoy it? Do you hope to feel that way again sometime?

Now, just ask yourself, whatever you did to feel that way. Was it easy?

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