Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Craig's List Personals

"Why do all the men here want asian or latin women?"

After having been reading these personal ads for awhile,
I have decided to stay with my cat.
But I think I can take a swipe at your question.
I am going to make a generalization,
so of course there will be exceptions,
but I think that the principle is basically accurate.

Having read a lot of these ads,
from a variety of women,
I find that most of them have a very definite idea of what they want,
and whatever it is, none of them seem very interested
in learning anything new or having any new experience that they have not done before,
and none of them seem very interested in compromising their values, either.

In other words, they seem to approach looking for a man
the same way that they go grocery shopping,
they have a list of items that they expect to get
and they will not deviate from the list.

And this seems to be the fundamental difficulty that our whole society has got itself into.
We believe that we can control reality.
For one thing, we believe that we can control risks and largely avoid any serious problems.
For another, we seem to think that we can control other countries and governments.
For another, we think that our government can control our economy.

In other countries, the people tend to be a little bit wiser,
and they realize that there is very little that they can really control,
so they are more willing to accept conditions that may not be totally to their liking.
This makes all women from all other societies more appealing than american women.
In a word, american women are all bitches. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's how almost all men feel. Sadly, the american men have the same attitude problem.
What happens is that after a little while, the new latin or asian or african woman leaves the man because he won't compromise either.

Let me give you one example.
fat is ugly.
Not only is it ugly, but being fat limits your ability to negotiate through this world.
The fatter you are, the less you can move about and do things.
You can't even make love with any authority, all you can do is lie there.
However, obesity is getting more and more common among american men and women.
And all the fat americans take the attitude that if others don't like it, they can stuff it.
That we ought to love fat people. that you can't help it.
None are willing to make any sacrifices, even though it would make your own lives much happier and more successful. All it takes is to close the mought for awhile and suffer
the pangs of hunger now and then. Its not difficult.

Another example.
I ride the train to work.
Usually it is on time but occasionally it can be a half hour or more late,
and once in awhile it gets canceled completely.
This morning, there were two inches of snow and slush on the ground.
The man standing next to me on the platform, besides being fat,
was wearing sandals. Bare toes in the snow.
I suppose that he thought that the weather ought to have more respect for his wants and needs.

does this help any?


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