Monday, September 14, 2009

The markets?

Okay. I don't get these markets.

Okay, we all know that the US Federal Reserve is printing money like mad and putting it into circulation, one way or another. Also, we understand that money
"velocity" is way down because everyone else besides the government is hoarding it.

My understanding is that money is not wealth. It is an arbitrary symbol for wealth,
predicated on the myth that it is scarce (in reality, the government can make absolutely as much of it as sawdust or sand, as much as it wants, right?) Printing
more money does not make more gasoline, or sunlight, does not make more roads,
houses, tires, computers, or anything else. Printing more money to make wealth
is like wearing a flag lapel pin to promote patriotism and heroism. Or,
like pushing string.

So the government is busy printing money and passing it out to the least deserving individuals, the least productive, i.e. certain corporations which have colossally failed to produce wealth but instead have destroyed it. Somehow I don't see how
that helps anybody. Did I miss something?

The media keeps saying over and over that "70% of the economy is the consumer"
and keeps nursing the fond hope that the children, once weaned, can be induced to return to their mother's breast. The citizens are at least peripherally aware of the massive debts. It seems to me, that the way to pay off the debts and to create wealth, is to do work, to engage in productive activity, to engage in activity which is useful and desired by other individuals and entities, to produce goods and service which the rest of the world desires to have ... (somehow, I do not believe that war, coercion, or hypocrisy are commodities that too many people are envious enough to have that they will offer things like oil, cell phones, or tropical hardwood lumber in order to obtain).

Meantime, how can we hope to receive more when we continue to do less and less ourselves?

I don't get it....

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