Friday, March 13, 2009


From time to time I have puzzled with this. The right wing in this society,
the business class, the so-called "conservatives", oppose abortion.
Why? Thinking people, intellectuals, "liberals" wonder if its
just part of their sense that they have the priviledge, the right, and the
obligation to impose their will and their point of view on others
who have less money and power than they do. But the inconsistency
has still puzzled me.
After all, its the right wing who are so enamoured of sending
our young men (and women) off to foreign lands for the purposes of
tearing down buildings and factories, maiming and raping and killing
and generally disrupting the citzenry, and obsconding with whatever
loot can be taken. In the process a certain percentage of our own
die prematurely or sustain permanent damage. Its the right wing
who create jobs for policemen, judges, and lawyers by locking
up and ruining the productivity of individuals who happen to be in too-
close proximity to a common weed which happens to have medicinal
properties far superior than the far-more-expensive prescriptions
to be obtained in system establishments at considerable cost.
What is the point?
Certainly some of them must be aware that the planet earth
is undergoing severe strain and incurring alarming damage from
the press of the sheer mass of humanity and the institutions which
maintain us. All of the basic systems which nature operates here
appear to be under siege and threaten to collapse or take major
Certainly some of them must be aware that the majority of
women desiring abortions, if forced to bear their young,
will most likely raise their children to vote for liberals.
At least a few of them must supect that there is not
enough available oil gas or food even to sustain the current
world population and the consequences will be dire,
politically and economically.
Its funny, for a minute, to say that for them , "Human rights
begin at conception ... and end at birth." But that's no answer.
Why do they think that we need more people?

While I was writing my piece on Ponzi schemes and
capitalism, it suddenly struck me what the answer to this
quandary is. Its really quite simple, once the basic nature
of our economic system is revealed. You remember I pointed
out that capitalism can only survive when there is a reasonable
prospect for growth, for an increase in the quantity and
velocity of financial transactions.
So, obviously, they need more people. Not, of course,
because they love them or care one whit about them. They need
ever-more people so that their own lifestyle can be sustained.
Its survival.

Its not going to work anymore, folks. The game is over.
We are on to you.

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