Thursday, November 13, 2008


butternut squash soup

1 large butternut squash (2-3 lbs)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
dash salt
1/2 teazspoon ground cinammon
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice

I suppose you could do this with pumpkin instead but
I find butternut squash just a little gentler.

This takes a little bit of time, but its something your family
doesn't get everyday. First, take the squash and cut it into
manageable chunks. Throw away any part of the stem and
use a large spoon to gouge out the seeds and gunk. Boil the
chunks in water in a large saucepan for 20-30 minutes or
until very tender. Drain off the water. Use the same spoon
to remove the skin. Place about half the meat with about
half the condensed milk in a blender and mix until creamy.
Pour that back into the empty saucepan and do the other
half. Then cook over medium heat for 5 or 10 more minutes,
adding the other ingredients.

Serve hot or chilled (maybe a marshmallow or two for garnish)
Serves 6

butternut squash bread (or cake or muffins)

If you get an "Ewe! What is this?????" reaction from your
family to the soup, then try this:

1 cup shortening or vegetable oil
3 eggs, beaten
2 cups butternut squash soup
2 tsp baking soda -- use baking powder instead, it makes it
lighter and fluffier
4 cups white flour
1/4 tspn salt

Mix the shortening, eggs, sugar and soup in a large bowl. Fold
the flour in slowly. Grease two bread pans or muffin pans
and preheat the oven for 350. Mix in the baking pwoder
and work out any lumps with your hands (yes, I know its
messy, and warm, and sticky, and fragrant. Just like
sex ...). Put into the pans and into the oven for half
an hour, then turn the oven up to 375 for about another half an
hour or until it passes the knife test.

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